Bhagya Lakshmi 19th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Bhagya Lakshmi 19th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Rishi calling Lakshmi. Ayush’s dad comes to meet him in the office. Ayush’s dad says that he wanted to drink tea with him. Ayush says he came at the right time. Ayush says this tea is what he needed the most right now. Ayush’s dad later talks to Ayush about Parvati and Rishi’s bonding. Ayush’s dad later says Rishi while talking to Parvati he goes absent minded. Ayush thinks when Rishi talks to Parvati he thinks about Lakshmi and thinks why are Lakshmi and Parvati so similar.

Parvati takes the phone from Rishi and talks with her mother. Parvati asks Lakshmi where are they. Lakshmi says they are in the bus. Parvati asks Lakshmi to tell the driver to turn the bus back. Parvati asks Lakshni not to come here as she doesn’t want to leave from here. Lakshmi asks Parvati what happened there. Parvati says to Lakshmi that she missed them so she made the Oberois called them and asked her to take her back but after talking to grandma she wanted to stay back so she asks them not to come back. Parvati later cuts the call.

Rishi asks Parvati why did she cut the call. Parvati says Lakhsmi worried a lot about her and if she talks to her for some more time then she might cry. Harleen praises Parvati saying she really thinks of others first and says there used to be a Lakshmi in this house who used to really put forth others before her.

Shalu laughs at Parvati’s actions. Shalu asks Lakshmi if she also used behave like Parvati when she was a kid as she hasn’t gone after her but she might have gone after Rishi. Shalu apologises to Lakshmi for taking Rishi’s name. Lakshmi says it is a truth that they can’t deny that Rishi is Parvati’s father.

Parvati praises Rishi as he convinced Neelam to stay here Ansh she gives him a kiss as reward. Harleen reminds Parvati that she is the one who brought her into the house first and says she is the one who played with her and she asks Parvati for kiss as rewards. Parvati kisses Harleen.

Karishma asks Neelam why did she allow Parvati to stay in the house and comments on Parvati. Neelam says she doesn’t want to be grateful for Lakshmi teacher as now she is taking care of Rohan and if they throw Parvati out of the house they will give her a reason to speak ill of Neelam. Neelam says she doesn’t want that that’s why she is allowing Parvati to stay here.

Shalu and Lakshmi return home and say what happened. Rohan comments on Parvati after hearing about it. Rohan asks Lakshmi to make him talk to his dad. Lakshmi agrees and video calls Rishi. Rishi talks with Rohan over the phone and he sees Lakshmi in the back. Rishi asks Rohan to show him who is on his back. Rohan says it is just Dadi. Rishi thinks he might be hallucinating that it was Lakshmi.

The servant offers juice to Rishi, he drinks it and leaves from there. Parvati later learns that Rishi came here leaving his work for her. Parvati thanks Rishi. Parvati later asks Rishi to tell her about the Lakshmi who Harleen spoke about before.

Karishma comes and says to Parvati that he will tell her about Lakshmi. Karishma says Lakshmi is an inauspicious person who will destroy everything around her and she is a hypocritical women. Rishi asks Karishma to stop speaking all of these things. Karishma says she has to tell Parvati as Parvati can also compare how many qualities match her mother. Rishi breaks the glass in his hand and leaves from there. Parvati says her mother is nothing like the woman that she described and says they both cannot be the same person.

Rishi thinks of Lakshmi coming to him and caring for him. Parvati comes to Rishi and asks Rishi to show his wound to her. Rishi says he is fine. Parvati insists Rishi to show her the hand. Rishi shows the injured hand. Parvati allies first aid to Rishi’s wound. Rishi thanks Parvati. Parvati later says her mother is not like the Lakshmi that they said to her. Parvati says she will make her meet Lakshmi soon.

All the village people come and praise Lakshmi as because of her their village improved a lot and now the farmers harvest is also really good this time. Rohan witnesses this from afar.

Rohan comes and says to Dadi and Shalu how all the villagers are praising Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes and says to Rohan that the villagers would praise anyone that way. Dadi says for that they need to have a big heart like her. Rohan praises Lakshmi as a superhero.

Rohan later asks Shalu and Lakshmi if the people who tried to destroy their farm will come again. Shalu after thinking about it says they have to keep watch so that the harvest will not be destroyed. Lakshmi say they can reduce the price and sell the harvest. Rishi thinks why was he feeeling sad when Karishma was speaking ill of Lakshmi and thinks he also broke her heart and she died with that broken heart.

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