Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Lakshmi drinking the spiked drink prepared by Ranjit for Lakshmi. Lakshmi feels dizzy. Ranjit witnesses all of this from a distance. Ranjit thinks after 5 min the drug will take affect and infront of the whole village he will take Phere with Lakshmi around fire and it means they got married.

Ranjit holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her to take Phere. Neelam tries to answer Bhandari but Avinash takes her away. Ayush comes and asks Bhandari to talk to Rishi directly. Bhandari agrees and he goes to Rishi. Bhandari asks Rishi to take Phere with Sasha. Sasha agrees and drags Rishi to take Phere with her.

Ranjit is shown to be taking Phere with Lakshmi. Anushka asks Ayush what is going on. Ayush says Bhandari is trying to do partnership with them and he figured this way out. Anushka asks Ayush to stop them. Ayush says he doesn’t care.

Anushka seperates Rishi and Sasha and takes her to aside. Anushka asks Sasha what is she doing and reminds that she is divorced. Sasha complaints to Anushka saying her husband married someone else and put his co-wife on her head. Anushka asks Sasha why is she trying to be co-wife of another person.

Ayush is shown to be talking with Parvati. Anushka comes and says to Ayush that he should have done what she had done. Ayush says he doesn’t care. Neelam asks Rishi where is his wife. Anushka sees Malishka coming and says to Oberoi family that Rishi’s wife is coming. Malishka comes and takes blessings from Neelam. Neelam asks Rishi and Malishka to take Phere.

Rishi and Malishka are shown to be taking Phere. Ranjit while doing Phere with Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets her leg injured as she steps on a thorn. Rishi and Malishka’s Phere get disrupted as a wooden log falls out of the bon fire. Rishi and Malishka think their Phere have been completed. But the women behind Rishi and Malishka talk about Rishi and Malishka not completing their Phere.

Ranjit takes off the thorn in Lakshmi’s leg to take Phere with her. Shalu calls Rohan and asks Rohan where is Lakshmi. Rohan says Lakshmi is taking Phere with Ranjit. Shalu hearing this asks Rohan to get her out as she is locked in the office. Shalu says they have to keep Lakshmi away from Ranjit. Rohan agrees.

Rohan sends another kid to get Shalu out. The kid calls his mother Jaya and says Shalu is locked inside the office. Jaya hearing this breaks the lock, unties Shalu and asks Shalu who locked her up. Shalu says it is Ranjit’s men.

Rohan with water pipe wets Ranjit and disrupts Ranjit taking Phere with Lakshmi. Ranjit asks Rohan who is he that foiled his plan. Rohan introduces himself as son of Lakshmi. Ranjit tries to teach him a lesson but Shaku comes and sends him away.

Rohan asks Shalu what happened. Shalu says when she went looking for her friend. Ranjit’s men locked her in the office so she called her phone as she knows that Rohan has her phone. Lakshmi praises Shalu. Shalu says Rohan is the one who foiled Ranjit’s plan. Lakshmi praises Rohan and says he is really her son.

Neelam scolds Bhandari as he thought of doing his daughter’s marriage with Rishi without knowing anything. Bhandari says Ayush hasn’t told him anything. Neelam comments on Bhandari as she learns he did all of this for his business.

Neelam later scolds Rishi and Ayush for what happened. Rishi says he tried to explain but Sasha didn’t listen to him. Neelam comments on it. Parvati statues Malishka and she takes the pine apple juice that Malishka is going to take and she later unfreezes Malishka.

Malishka talks to Parvati. Karishma comes and asks Malishka why did she become statue when Parvati asked her. Malishka says she thought of Rohan. Malishka later learns that Parvati is Lakshmi’s daughter and gets shocked.

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