Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Purvi saying she sprained her ankle. Purvi asks RV to carry her. RV says he will not carry her. Purvi pleads RV to carry her. RV agrees. RV carries Purvi in his arms. RV says to Purvi that he is feeling itchy and he asks Purvi to scratch her where he is feeling itchy. Purvi agrees and scratches RV. RV and Purvi stare into each other eyes.

Prachi prays to God and wishes that Purvi will have a blissful marriage. Purvi says to God that from when she came out of RV’s house she is feeling a little tense. Prachi hopes that Purvi will always be happy. Deepika sees Monisha is sleeping in RV’s room and wakes her up and asks Monisha what is she doing.

Monisha says she ruined her good dream. Deepika says to Monisha that it is day and says she should stop dreaming in day time. Deepika says to Monisha that Purvi and RV are still alone on the road. Deepika says she still hasn’t cancelled their honeymoon. Monisha says she has another plan and asks Deepika not to worry. Monisha says RV will do a honeymoon with her.

RV drops Purvi and says he can’t carry her anymore and says she is really heavy. Purvi says to RV that he has to carry her as she is his responsibility. RV doesn’t agree to it. RV sees that Purvi is not around and searches for her. Purvi pleads the Goons to leave her. The Goons asks her to keep quiet. RV finds Purvi is being held captive by the Goons.

RV comes to the Goons. Purvi thinks RV will save her but instead he sympathises with the Goons as they abducted Purvi saying she is accident prone and calls Purvi a big trouble. RV asks Purvi to give up her jewellery. Purvi says she will not give up her jewellery as this jewellery is given by her mother and says she will not give it to them. RV and Purvi bicker right infront of The Goons.

The Goons ask RV and Purvi to stop it. The Goons ask RV to leave from here and they ask Purvi to give up her jewellery. Purvi doesn’t agree. RV takes the Goon to aside and says Purvi is mad and asks them to be careful. The Goons suddenly hear the police siren and they leave from there.

Purvi thanks God that he sent cops to save her. RV says he saved her not God. RV shows that he played the police siren in his mobile and says the cops aren’t here. RV asks Purvi to thank her. Purvi thanks RV. Dadi thanks God and hopes that RV and Purvi will get together on this honeymoon trip. Dadaji comes to Dadi and flirts with her. Dadi says she is thinking about RV and Purvi and says that she hopes that they will become 3. Dadaji agrees.

RV and Purvi try to get lift but they don’t get lift but they don’t get lift. A guy on bike stops and asks RV and Purvi what are they doing here. RV says his car broke down maf asks him if there is a place here to stay for the night. He says there is no place like that. Purvi shows the bungalow and says they can stay there. Thr guy on bike says they are ghosts there and asks them to be careful. RV and Purvi go to the bungalow.

Monisha thinks RV will come and she will execute her plan. Deepika comes and talks to Monisha. Monisha gets excited thinking about her plan. RV and Purvi come to the bungalow. RV says to Purvi that there is a shape here and it is hers. RV later teases Purvi.

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