Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, RV saying to Purvi that he feels something when he talks to her and asks Purvi if he can tell her how he is feeling. Purvi nods her head. RV says he feels irritated when he talks to her as simple work becomes an impossible task when she is around. RV calls Purvi an inauspicious person. RV comments on Purvi saying she is not able to do anything. Purvi says she will try to get lift.

Purvi tries to stop a car for lift. Purvi sees the car stopping so she asks the elderly couple for lift. The elderly couple agrees to give lift to RV and Purvi. Monisha and Deepika celebrate as they win against Purvi. Monisha and Deepika drink champagne. Harleen comes to them and comments on them. Harleen says to Monisha and Deepika that RV is not attending her call and says she is worried about what has happened to RV.

Monisha says nothing will happen to RV. Harleen gets a call from RV. Harleen says to Monisha that she is less worried now and says she is worried about her as RV and Purvi got lift and they are going to Honeymoon. Monisha gets upset with the news. Harleen leaves from there.

The elderly woman asks RV and Purvi if they are newly weds. Purvi says yes. The elderly couple asks RV and Purvi how is their marriage going on. RV says to Purvi that he is fed up with this marriage and says Purvi is one big trouble and says she creates trouble wherever she goes. The elderly couple say that they are also used to fight like that they are newly weds. The elderly woman says her husband also used to get mad at her like that in the beginning but she later won his heart and he also won her heart. RV and Purvi argue and comment on each other.

Monisha lashes out as her plan failed. Deepika asks Monisha to calm down and gives her an idea saying she can cancel RV and Purvi’s room and if there is no room there will be no honeymoon. Monisha praises Deepika’s idea. Monisha later gets an idea and says to Deepika taht she will do the honeymoon with RV not Purvi.

The elderly couple drop RV and Purvi at the resort. The elderly couple gives some money to Purvi as Shagun and later bless both of them and leave from there.

RV later goes inside. Purvi video calls Prachi and says to Prachi that they ran into some trouble as their car broke down in the middle and they waited for lift and got here. Purvi asks Prachi not to worry about it. Prachi agrees. Purvi later cuts the call and goes inside.

Prachi feels a bad omen as from when she saw Monisha she feels something is not going to be right. Prachi prays to God for Purvi and RV’s well being. RV comes to Purvi and says to Purvi that the room has been cancelled. Purvi asks RV if there is another room. RV says there are no rooms in this hotel or in any other hotels as this is wedding season. RV says they have to cancel this honeymoon trip.

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