Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Khushi thinking of what she has to do to save Purvi. Khushi decides to go there. Khushi tries to book a flight ticket to Mahabaleswar but she learns that there are no flights till Morning. Armaan asks Khushi what is she worrying about. Khushi cooks up a story. Armaan says he will book her flight tomorrow and asks her not to worry.

Monisha pushes Purvi and stands in front of RV. The anchor starts the dance competition. Monisha dances with RV. Purvi dances with another person and all the ladies change partners in the song. In the final RV ends up with Purvi as dance partner.

After the dance competition ends the anchor announces RV as the winner in boys and Purvi as the winner in girls and says they are best couple. Monisha gets upset seeing this and leaves from there. RV says to Purvi that she won as she partnered up with him. Purvi comments on it.

The waiter serves spiked water to Purvi. RV asks the waiter what about him. The waiter says he will go and get it right away. Rv takes the water from Purvi and tries to drink it but Purvi takes it back and drinks it. Monisha thinks her plan is working as she sees Purvi is feeling dizzy.

Purvi says to RV that she is feeling dizzy and she goes to the washroom to wash her face. Purvi leaves from there. Monisha follows Purvi to the washroom and makes sure she is unconscious in the washroom and later leaves from there. Vikrant asks Deepika to come to sleep. Deepika asks Vikrant to go to sleep as she is not getting sleep. Vikrant comments on Deepika as Monisha is not here.

Deepika sees that Monisha is calling so she goes to take it. Deepika hears Monisha shouting with excitement over the phone. Deepika asks Monisha what happened. Monisha says the first stage of her plan is completed and tells her what happened. Monisha says now her and RV are going to get together. Deepika wishes all the best to Monisha.

RV thinks Purvi has gone somewhere. RV decides to go to sleep. Monisha knocks on door. RV gets surprised seeing Monisha. Monisha says she came here to check out this property as her friend recommended it. RV tries to send Monisha out of the room saying he is tired. Monisha says she will massage him. RV says to Monisha that he feels that it is wrong as he is married. Monisha reminds RV that they are about to get married so what’s wrong with it.

Purvi wakes up and pukes the spiked water. Purvi recalls what happened and gets into a dilemma if she is doing something wrong. Monisha asks RV if he is scared of Purvi. RV says he is not scared of Purvi and says it is himself. RV says he feels this is wrong. Monisha compares herself with Purvi and says she is better than Purvi in everything.

Purvi thinks she will not allow Monisha to do anything wrong with RV when she is around. RV and Monisha overhear the knocking sound and think it is Purvi. Monisha tries to stop RV but RV asks Monisha to stop it and pushes her away. RV’s shirt gets unbuttoned in all of this.

RV opens the door and sees the cops. The police officer enters the room and asks RV if this woman is his wife. The hotel manager says this is not Purvi Malhotra. The police officer says so the complaint they got is right. It is shown Khushi calls the cops and says RV is doing wrong things with women. RV asks the police inspector who complained against him. The police inspector says he will know about it soon.

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