Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, RV asking the police inspector who complained against him. The police inspector asks RV if Monisha is his wife. Purvi worries about RV and Monisha crossing their limits. Purvi comes to the room and sees the police inside. The hotel manager says to the cops that Purvi is his wife.

The cops accuse RV sending Purvi out of the room and doing romance with Monisha. RV asks the cops to mind his words and says Purvi has left on her own. RV recalls Purvi has left for washroom and has returned till now. RV tries to call his home but the cops don’t allow that. The cops take RV and Monisha away to the police. Purvi pleads the cops to leave RV but the cops don’t listen to her.

The cops bring RV and Monisha into the police station. Monisha tries to threaten the cops saying they don’t know how powerful she is. The cops mock Monisha. RV argues with the cops and says he hasn’t done anything wrong. The cops remind RV that he was caught red handed with another woman in his room while his wife is away.

The inspector says that he got information and they caught him red handed. RV hearing this thinks Purvi is the one who saw Monisha coming to his room and complained to the police. The inspector says to RV that he is going to be charged that he was red handed in doubtful and dirty position with another women when his wife is away.

Vikrant tries to hug Deepika but Deepika kicks him away from the bed. Vikrant gets upset and leaves from there. Deepika worries about Monisha and calls her. A lady inspector attends Deepika’s call and talks to her.

The constable gives RV his phone saying someone wants to talk him. Purvi calls RV and asks RV how is jail. RV thinks Purvi is the one who sent him to jail. RV asks Purvi how can she do this with him and that to on honeymoon and says he will not leave her and says he will teach her a lesson. Purvi asks RV that if he will teach her a lesson by doing romance with another woman on his honeymoon.

Purvi says he can do whatever he wants. Purvi says to RV that he is really arrogant and his arrogance need to be brought down. Purvi asks RV to sleep on the ground and says she is going to sleep on this bed. RV says to himself that he will not leave Purvi.

Deepika comes to the police station and asks the inspector if Monisha is here. The police inspector says Monisha is arrested as she is caught red handed with a married person. Deepika lashes out at the inspector and demands the inspector to release Monisha. The inspector comments on Deepika. Deepika calms herself down and pleads the inspector to release RV and Monisha. The inspector asks Deepika to go and get a lawyer to get bail for both of them. Deepika hearing this decides to tell ten truth to the family.

Harleen says to Malhotra family that RV and Monisha are arrested and they are in jail. Harleen says Deepika told her there was a raid in the hotel and the police arrested both RV and Monisha. Dadaji and others think why is Monisha with RV and where is Purvi. Hermal goes to talk to the lawyer. Dadi calls Purvi and asks Purvi if RV is in jail. Purvi stays Silent. Dadi asks Purvi to get bail for RV.

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