Radha Mohan 15th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Radha Mohan 15th March 2024 Written Update – In today’s episode, Meera tells Mohan that he rejected one more house. She asks him to change the broker Khattar else he should search house in Mumbai. Mohan tells her that he want home feeling not just a building. Gungun comes there and tells him that they are staying in Meera’s house last 10 days and he gets home feeling there so they should shift there. She says that she don’t think Meera has any objection.

Meera says that she will be happy if they stayed there then. Gungun says that it’s final they will live there. Mohan tells Gungun that she is kid and she can’t take decisions like this. He tells Meera that he his family is big. Dulari brings Kadambari in wheelchair. Mohan promises to find house which everyone will like. He says that they will get home feeling there.

On the other hand, Radhika tells a man that she want home, not building. Yug calls Radhika and tells her that he is waiting outside the house.

Meera asks Mohan that whether he is searching temple. Mohan tells Meera that Kadambari need home. She asks him about the chances of Kadambari’s recovery. He tells her that Doctor lost hope but he trust Kadambari will become fine. He says that Kadambari slipped and paralyzed after Vishwanath death.

In the past, Vishwanath tells himself that he has to tell the truth to Mohan. Kadambari laughs and tells him that he won’t be alive to tell the truth to Mohan. She strangulates Vishwanath. She says that only money matters for her. He faints. She gets happy seeing this and says that she will rule Trivedis. He throws glass piece on Kadambari’s head and she faints. And he dies.

In the present, Mohan tells Meera that Kadambari need home feeling and caring of loved ones. Gungun takes Kadambari inside. Meera asks Mohan that why he did not search Radha after learning that Tulsi is Damini.

In the past, Radha cut off all ties with Mohan and leaves from there. Gungun wakes up. She asks Mohan that whether Radha is fine. Tulsi tells Gungun to not speak and calm down. Gungun tells Tulsi that the latter is not her mother. She says that Tulsi is Damini. She tells Mohan that how Tulsi tried to kill her. Tulsi says that Gungun is in trauma.

Gungun tells Mohan that Radha was right. Mohan recalls that how Radha said Tulsi is Damini. Tulsi tells Mohan that Gungun is lying. Kadambari asks Tulsi to stop acting. Mohan says that Gungun never lies. Tulsi apologises to him. She says that she did everything for Mohan’s love. Police comes there and arrests Tulsi. Gungun tells Mohan that she want to go to Radha. Mohan tells her that Radha left them. Mohan says that Radha slapped Kadambari so they won’t search Radha.

In the present, Mohan tells Meera that Kadambari can’t handle any stress and Radha slapped Kadambari so he did not wanted Kadambari to go through any stress. He says that Kadambari is everything for him.

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