Radha Mohan 16th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Radha Mohan 16th March Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Mohan tells Meera that Radha disrespected Kadambari so Radha can’t be part of his family. Meera asks Mohan that why Gungun hate Radha. He tells her that Radha left Gungun after giving so much love. He says that Gungun lost her mother twice and nothing can beat that pain. He picks Khattar call. Khattar informs Mohan that he found perfect property and price is low too. He says that owner want friendship from neighbor so Mohan will like the property for sure. Mohan agrees to see the property. He tells Meera that he feel like he will like this process. Meera tells Mohan that he can leave her house but he can’t leave from her life.

Khattar informs Yug and Radhika that he found perfect people for their house. Radhika tells him that she want to meet them. Yug says that Radhika is already best RJ, best daughter in law, best mother. He asks her to give him sometime. He reminds her that today is their wedding anniversary. He tells Khattar that today there is party in his house so the latter should bring them tomorrow. Khattar says that they left from their house already. Yug tells Radhika that can’t do any work today and takes her inside.

In the Yug house, Yug’s grandmother praises herself in front of guests. She gets offended when someone calls as grandmother. She says that everyone calls her as Pari. Yug’s smaller brother Garv comes there and calls her as Dadi. Yug’s mother comes and Garv about Radhika and Yug. Radhika and Yug comes there. Everyone claps for the couple. Yug’s mother tells her mother that this house is unlucky for love stories but Yug will have happily ever after story. She hope never comes the end to Yug’s love story.

Radhika gets uncomfortable seeing media. Yug tells Radhika that Dadi would have called them. He asks her to reveal her pretty face to the world today. He tells sorry to her. Radhika thinks that she just want to hide her face from one person. Yug reveals that how he felt when he saw Radhika first time. He praises Radhika and wishes happy wedding anniversary to her.

Yug’s mother also praises Radhika. She says that Radhika is everyone’s soul mate. She adds that Radhika completed her studies after marriage and now Radhika is businessman. She wishes happy wedding anniversary to Radhika and Yug. Yug’s son gives gift box to Yug. Yug says that he promised to gift diamond ring to Radhika in every wedding anniversary. He goes on his knees.

Mohan tells Meera that he hope his search for perfect house ends today. Mohan and Meera reaches Yug’s house. Mohan tells Meera that he feels something in this air. He searches Khattar and he moves towards the door. Radhika feels something and turns around ( Title song plays in the background).

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