Radha Mohan 19th March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Radha Mohan 19th March Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Mohan says that he has so many questions for Radha and she has to answer him when he meet her. He recalls the moments he spent with Radha. He hope Radha achieved everything which she deserved. He thinks that Radha took Lord Krishna idol with her but she left Bhagavat Gita for him. He says that this Bhagavat Gita taught him to live without Radha. He assumes that Radha must be happy in her life, but he is struggling to take care of his family. He hope that Radha is happy and safe wherever she is.

On the other hand, Radhika tells herself that she felt Mohan’s presence today. She recalls that how Mohan refused to trust her. She says that Mohan is her past and he don’t deserve to he her present. And says that she is happy and safe in her present. She tells thanks to Lord Krishna for giving loving family to her. Yug enters Radhika’s room and sees her sleeping. He stares her and caresses her forehead.

Next day, Mohan tells Meera that he finished his chores and today is Sunday. Meera asks Mohan that why he feels chilled out today. He tells her that he slept peacefully yesterday night. Meanwhile, Gungun notices that Mohan kept his books in her room. She finds Radha’s photo in Mohan’s book. She recalls that how Mohan said Radha left them. She thinks that Mohan did wrong and she tore Radha’s photo.

Salgam comes there and asks Gungun about Radha’s photo. Gungun asks Salgam to not talk about Radha. She says that Radha is not good person. She warns Salgam to not take Radha’s name in front of Mohan. Ketki and Ajeet overhears their conversation. Ajeet says that Radha did nothing wrong but everyone hate Radha. Ketki scolds Ajeet for defending Radha.

His mother comes there. He turns around and tells her that he got scared. She tells him that he is in his house so he should not get scared of anything. He says that he should live like the person he is instead of living like someone else. He tells her that that’s the problem because he is not able to live the person he is and he don’t know why he is like that. She gives coffee to him. He tells him that Radhika brings coffee for him daily. She tells him to give her chance to take care of him sometimes.

She asks him that where is Radhika. He tells her that Radhika is sleeping. She says that Radhika is managing home, office and radio station perfectly. He tells her that he wonders how Radhika manages everything perfectly. She asks him that whether he is really selling that house. He nods at her. He says that he want to sell that house as soon as possible and he don’t want to talk about it.

Radhika’s son Manan wakes Radhika up. Manan tells Radhika that her and Yug’s photo came in the newspaper. Radhika sees the newspaper and she hope her past don’t come in front of her. Meanwhile, Mohan sees the newspaper.

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