Radha Mohan 28th February 2024 Written Update Full Episode

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Today’s Radha Mohan 28th February 2024 episode starts with Vishwanath saying to Mohan that he isn’t lying and that he can confirm it with Radha. After that, he asks Radha to confirm it, to which Radha gets worried thinking she has told Vishwanath to not reveal the truth now and he has made Kadambari and Damini’s work easy by it.

When Radha is about to say Kadambari interrupts and blames Radha for using Vishwanath against her thus he beats her. This makes Radha shock while Kadambari acts to be the victim and says that she always supported Radha but she is plotting against her.She adds, that previously Radha alleges her for such a big thing but she stayed silent thinking Radha was mentally unstable but then Radha instigated Vishwanath against her. Further, she says for a long Vishwanath didn’t beat her so she used to think he had started respecting her and loving her but Radha destroyed her hopes.

After that, Kadambari says that the wounds have hurt her soul not only her body while Radha gets angry and asks her to not lie but is stopped by Mohan. Mohan says that it’s his mistake that he didn’t take her to the doctor when she needed to, he says that he knows Radha is traumatized but she should not have instigated a drunkard person with her rubbish talks.

Further, Mohan gets firm about taking Radha to a psychiatrist while she tries to deny but he stays firm and asks Radha to obey him. After a while, Mohan moves forward to Vishwanath and asks him to stay away from Kadambari and not share a room with her anymore.

He asks him to stay in the guest room afterward, while Kadambari taunts Radha that she had come to bind their family together but now she is separating them, to which Mohan asks her to calm down and asks Tulsi to take care of Kadambari and she agrees to it.

Then, Mohan takes Radha from there while Ketki asks Kadambari to call her if she needs something and then goes from there too. After that, Kadambari starts misbehaving with Vishwanath and asks him to leave the room otherwise, she’ll kill him as well as his first wife.

Meanwhile, when Vishwanath tries to attack Kadambari being angry she slaps him then Tulsi ousts him from the room, while Vishwanath breaks down thinking how wrong he was for not being able to understand Kadambari in all those years.

He thinks Kadambari killed his first wife, snatched his business, and even turned his son against him. Further, he prays to god to save him and his family from Kadambari.

There, Radha and Mohan are seen lying on the bed where Radha is sleeping while Mohan worries that Radha is in fear of losing him but he isn’t able to clear her doubt and says that he wants his old bubbly Radha back and then sleeps.

Meanwhile, Radha thinks that she is the same Radha but the circumstances are against them and she isn’t able to rescue Mohan from it. Episode End.

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