Yrkkh 23rd March 2024 Written Update Full Episode

Yrkkh 23rd March 2024 Written Update Full Episode – In today’s episode, Vidya says Kaveri is right. She gives credit to Abhira for encouraging her. Vidya tells Abhira that Poddars are doing wrong to Arman. Kaveri gets angry at Abhira. Vidya tells Abhira she was about to escape for Arman’s sake. She takes a stand for Kaveri. Arman asks Vidya to listen. Vidya refuses to listen. Abhira asks Vidya not to argue with Kaveri.

Vidya refuses to let go of Arman and Abhira. She claims no one in the family is happy with Kaveri’s decision. Vidya says Arman and Abhira will not go. Kaveri says that for the family, she will change her decision. She allows Arman and Abhira to stay back. Kaveri refuses to give blessings to Arman and Abhira. She says one day Arman will throw Abhira out of the house. Arman and Abhira are shocked.

Krish, Kiara, Charu, and Aryan hug Arman. Mainsha, Kiara, Krish, and others praise Vidya. Vidya refuses to take the credit. She calls Arman the best. Manisha, Kajal, Krish, Kiara, and others hug. Sanjay worries they will not get anything if Abhira and Arman continue to stay. Kaveri remembers Vidya.

Dev confronted Charu about stealing documents and sharing them with him. He asks Charu for whom she took the drastic step. Chari confesses love to Dev. She decides to leave the office. Dev stops Charu. He asks Charu not to resign. Dev asks Charu not to commit a mistake. He confesses his love to Charu. Charu gets happy.

At Poddar House, Abhira praises Vidya. She apologizes to Vidya for her behavior. Vidya praises Abhira for encouraging her. She decides to give gold bangles to Abhira. Abhira refuses to take the bangles. Vidya asks Abhira to promise to never leave Arman. Abhira nods. Madhav praises Vidya for supporting Arman. Vidya says Arman is her son. Madhav says he is hopeful everything will fall into place because of Abhira.

Ruhi asks Arman what decision he took. Arman refuses to discuss. Abhira asks Arman to tell whom he chooses among his family and her. Arman sees the bangles. Abhira tells Vidya she gave her bangles. Ruhi asks Abhira and Arman to think about their separation after one year. Abhira says after she leaves, Ruhi will be super happy. Ruhi argues with Abhira. Arman asks Abhira and Ruhi to stop the argument. Abhira and Arman spend quality time together.

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